Mark Hudson pays a visit to the studio

Grammy award-winning producer Mark Hudson paid a visit to Bobby Dreher‘s Beach Bunny Sound Studios as we were wrapping-up for the day, and even gave a listen to the title track of the new CD… here he is with Dave Orban.

Dave Orban with Mark Hudson

Finishing-up the guitar tracks

Dave Orban had to break-out his ’41 Gibson L-50, to finish-up the guitar tracks for the title song on the new CD, “I Heard You Twice the First Time.”

Dave Orban with his '41 Gibson L-50

THU, AUG 18 – The Gypsies open for Selwyn Birchwood!

THURS, AUG 18, the Mojo Gypsies open for award-winning blues artist Selwyn Birchwood, at the legendary Stanhope House, in Stanhope, NJ! Advance tickets are just $15, and are available directly from Dave Orban. Order yours NOW, as this is sure to be a sell-out show!

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Selwyn Birchwood

CD Recording Update

Finally tracking the vocals this week, then we’ll be bringing sax master Mike Scott, along with some very special guests. We’ll begin having CD Release Parties in late September… Stay tuned!

Dave Orban

Dave Orban, tracking some lead vocals for the upcoming CD.