Our new CD, “I Heard You Twice the First Time” is finally here! Fourteen original tracks, recorded from March through September 2016 featuring the band, along with some very special guest artists… and now you can finally hear it in its entirety!

Here’s How to Buy It

You can listen to and purchase the CD at CD Baby, iTunes, and GooglePlay. Just click on a link below to go preview and purchase the CD from your favorite source for music.

  • Buy on CD Baby
    NOTE: CD Baby offers both Physical CDs and Digital Downloads
  • Buy on PayPal: If ordering via PayPal, individual CDs are $15 U.S. each, with free shipping within the Continental United States. Use the following PayPal email address: mojo.y@mindspring.com.
  • Buy at a Mojo Gypsies performance: Of course, CDs are always available at a Mojo Gypsies performance.