Mojo Gypsies New CD Available Now

The New CD from Dave Orban and The Mojo Gypsies is Here!

Dave Orban & the Mojo Gypsies are pleased to announce the release of their new CD, “I Heard You Twice the First Time.” 

These 14 original tracks were written and arranged by Mojo Gypsies’ founder, guitarist, and vocalist Dave Orban. Featuring Orban on guitars and vocals, the CD features Flourtown Fats (aka Jeff Michael) on bass; Mike Scott on tenor sax; and Mark Shewchuk on drums. Guest artists appearing on the CD include Dave Hotzman and Mark Berkowitz, both on harmonica.

The CD was produced and arranged by Orban, and was recorded from March through September 2016 at Beach Bunny Sound studios in Doylestown, PA. The CD was engineered by Bobby Dreher, with additional mixing and mastering by Brett Kull.

Track Listing

  1. Got That Woman on My Mind – 4:40
  2. Ain’t No Lie – 4:52
  3. Baby, Take Your Time – 5:17
  4. Big-Boned Baby – 6:05
  5. I Want to Be With You Tonight – 5:53
  6. Dallas – 5:46
  7. I Can’t Help Myself –  4:27
  8. I Heard You Twice the First Time – 3:14
  9. I’m Sayin’ ‘Yes’ to Everything – 4:45
  10. The Told You So Blues – 4:03
  11. Someone Else’s Woman – 3:02
  12. Trouble-Makin’ Woman – 5:27
  13. What’s Wrong? – 3:28
  14. Lookin’ for a Woman – 5:46


You can listen to and/or purchase the CD at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, and Spotify. Click on your favorite music source below to go directly to the CD on each respective website:

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  • Buy at a Mojo Gypsies performance: Of course, CDs are always available at a Mojo Gypsies performance.

Asked to comment on the new CD, Orban had this to say: “Following a long hiatus from music-making, and after performing again for some 20+ years now, I’d been thinking about making a record for some time. But I didn’t want to just record a bunch of blues covers… I wanted to showcase something a bit more personal. That said, I’m a bit of a late bloomer. It took me a long time to even consider actually writing songs. But here they are. Some of these songs have been played and refined at shows over the last couple of years, while others were written and arranged specifically for this project.”

He went on to add, “While definitely rooted in the Blues (you know, with a capital “B”), these songs are hardly what would be considered “traditional” blues… but that’s fine with me; there are more than enough talented folks out there playing traditional blues music. My inspiration for these tunes has come from numerous sources: from folks like James Harman and Rick Estrin to Leigh ‘Little Queenie’ Harris and Seth Walker, to Bob Dylan, and even Norah Jones… along with countless nights hanging-out in the wonderful music community that can be found in Doylestown, PA. But in the end, it’s all me… backed by a stellar group of musicians, who have generously tolerated – even indulged – my numerous musical idiosyncrasies. I hope you enjoy it!”

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