Dave Orban Inducted into New Jersey Blues Hall of Fame

20141108_gypsies_award_croppedGypsies bandleader, guitarist and vocalist Dave Orban has been inducted into the NJ Blues Hall of Fame! Trenton Blues’ Ron Ungarini broke the news at the Gypsies’ Nov 8, 2014 show at Palermos.

Orban was quite surprised at the recognition, but had this to say: “It’s truly an honor to be recognized in this way, but I would be remiss if i did not acknowledge the fine musicians with whom I share the stage, each time we go out. Mike Scott, Flourtown Fats, and Mark Shewchuk work hard to help me deliver our unique blend of up-tempo blues and old-school R&B, and I am grateful for their talent and support. They ultimately share this award with me.”